The end is near!!!

Wowsers!! This assessment item has taken up so much of my time. I feel like I have been ignoring everyone around me and solely focused on this! (not a good thing when I have another assessment due in just over a week that I haven't started) This has become obvious when I turn around and... Continue Reading →


Late to the game…playing catchup!

  So as I started this assessment piece I was confident that I was ahead of were I wanted to be and would have plenty of time for the feedback stage.... How wrong I was! As generally happens, life got in the way and I am now behind my own expectation.  I have had a... Continue Reading →


As I started writing the reflections for this chapter I found myself really concerned. A lot of the concepts covered where not new and I thought that I would really struggle to come up with enough to reflect on. I started step 2 at the end of last week and find myself only just completing... Continue Reading →

Here I go again…. Step 1 KCQs

After just finishing my KCQs for step 1, I find myself staring blankly at the computer monitor for the last 5 mins.... I feel done already!! Like most of us who are joining Martin again I really struggled to come up with concepts and questions as there was not a lot of 'new' stuff to... Continue Reading →

T minus 1 week

OMG!!! Only one week left before term starts... where did the time go? Hmm... kids sports carnivals, camping and work. I am sitting here determined to put in more effort this term than the last. Although I really did put a lot of effort in I swear! I have to say I thought that this blogging... Continue Reading →

The joys of restating!

  After having a mini holiday to watch some friends get married and attend an engagement party 10 hours drive (with 4 kids) I was not wanting to jump straight back into uni. I just wanted to sleep and catch up on all the washing that 6 people away for 5 days brings! I dreaded... Continue Reading →


I hated the thought of having to provide feedback to others. What if I cannot articulate myself properly and hurt someone's feelings? I know how hard it can be to received constructive feedback on something that you have put your all into. Those little suggestions can feel like a massive kick in the teeth! However... Continue Reading →

First Draft…

Well this week has been a rather busy one... trying to get to this stage has been no easy task whilst battling mummy duties, rain, work and sports! Not to mention falling a bit behind on another unit as this one has been the sole focus. My aim was to get to draft stage so I... Continue Reading →

Understanding Financial Statements

  Chapter 3 (section 3.1 & 3.2) Understanding Financial Statements   Having already completed ACCT11059 ‘using accounting for decision making’ last term, the four general purpose financial statements where not new to me. I had already viewed and had a basic understanding of what information was needed in each statement. However, this was gained by... Continue Reading →

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